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Don’t worry, be happy! (Corona-Neuinterpretation der 7B)

Die Klasse 7B hat im Rahmen eines Projektes im Englisch-Unterricht ihre Gefühle und Gedanken zur aktuellen Lage zu dieser Neuinterpretation des Songs ‚Don’t worry, be happy‘ verarbeitet.

This song is the final result of a project the 7B did in the course of home schooling in English class in January 2021.

As we dealt with Bobby McFerrin’s classic 'Don't worry - be happy‘ in class, we figured out that the message of the song fits the current situation pretty well. Like the bad conditions mentioned in the original, Corona has all-embracing effects on our lives: We aren't allowed to meet friends, go to sports clubs, must stay home, wear face masks, isolate ourselves and so on. These are all good reasons to worry, but the song encourages us to be happy instead.
We composed our own lyrics that take the current situation into account and show how Corona causes trouble hoping to cheer you up and encourage you to stay positive despite of all the restrictions.
Don’t worry – be happy!
The lyrics were composed by all the pupils of the 7B of the Leonardo-da-Vinci-school in Cologne Nippes: Greta, Ida, Luc, Lilo, Ella, Lynn, Hannah, Elisa, Emre, Illayda, Eylül, Mateo, Pauline, Lilian, Clemens, Kerem, Luca, Jonah, Neil, Noah A., Noah K. Matti, Paul, Lisann, Elsa, Leni, Helene, Rumet, Ben, Caspar and Leander.
Vocals: Ida, Ella, Hannah, Elisa, Emre, Mateo, Pauline, Lilian, Clemens, Kerem, Luca, Neil, Matti, Paul, Lisann, Elsa, Leni, Helene, Rumet, Ben, Caspar, Leander & Ms Nienaber.
Pictures by Noah A.